Inspiration Day – people

We had a fabulous day yesterday exploring different types of Voices from the Workhouse inspiration. Thank you to everyone who came and contributed in such a positive and exciting way.

There was too much going on to include in a single post so I thought I would split it up – firstly people. We learned about some of the people who lived and worked in the workhouse by going back to the archive records. I found it really exciting and interesting to hear these stories interpreted in fresh and new ways after living with them for the re-development project for the last few years.

If you want to learn more about the people who lived at Gressenhall Workhouse have a look at the gallery in explore people.

You can download a summary of some of the people‘s stories.

If you want to search the archives and transcripts for yourself you can make an appointment to search the people folders in the library. We can also give you support to research new stories with help on family history research. Use the contact tab to get in touch.

Happy exploring! Remember to let us know how you get on…



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