Inspiration Day – Write like Lorina

At the Inspiration Day we took on the challenge of using Lorina Bulwer’s words to create a new piece of writing. Lorina Bulwer was in the female lunatic ward at Yarmouth Union Workhouse. She wasn’t there because she was poor. Her brother paid for her to be looked after in the workhouse. Whilst she was there she stitched amazing samplers. They are 3m long rants filled with anger at her situation. If you would like to find out more about Lorina you can look at the Frayed blog.

Using Lorina’s words made the scary business of creative writing seem more approachable. The ability to physically move the words around also seemed to make it seem less permanent.

We talked about the hows ands whys of Lorina’s stitching – what was it all about? Maggie had previously had a go herself at “stitching like Lorina”. She is working on a stitched poem ALL IN CAPS. She said that it required great concentration – it was something that kept you quiet. Maybe this was a way the workhouse could occupy Lorina and acted as a type of therapy. We’ll never know for sure.

If you have been inspired by Lorina let us know. We’d love to share your ideas.


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