Photographing the workhouse

Beautiful photographs sent to us by Kate Eggleston-Wirtz. Kate says:

“I began thinking about the Workhouse and the concept of ‘Home’. However when looking at the photos I began to think about famous phrases from the Wizard of Oz and adjusted some of the photos accordingly.

The idea that people ended up in the Workhouse, a place they did not plan to be was like Dorothy snatched away in a tornado landing in an unplanned, foreign world –  lost.

How many people must have dreamed of returning to their former life, their former home before encountering unfortunate circumstance? How many people must of have dreamed of going home to a place called heaven? How many people must have dreamed about a beautiful place, away from the dark and cold brick walls that imprisoned so many. The Workhouse was not the Emerald City. Somewhere over the rainbow was a happier home away from ‘home’.

On an inspirational note, some people did find their rainbow and were grateful for what the Workhouse gave them such as an education. When listening to Voices from the Workhouse there are those who speak of hope and prosperity amidst the horror, the sad and tragic.”

Kate is developing more work including photography and poems inspired by her visit to Gressenhall.


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