Creative Writing – how can we use it?

Yesterday was a great experience – it was wonderful to see people getting to grips with creative writing for the first time. We explored a range of different ways of writing, and different ways to be inspired by Voices from the Workhouse.

It got me thinking – what are we going to do with all these words? We have writing produced last year by our volunteers on their Creative Writing courses. We have creative writers working with us this year on Collaborate. We have staff’s creative writing. We will hopefully have inspired some of the writers yesterday to contribute.

What do we do with all these words? I love the idea of some kind of integration with our displays and building. Can we project parts of texts onto the brick walls? Can we label objects with the writing they have inspired? Poetry object labels? Can we turn writing into performance for events? Can we create an anthology of creative Voices from the Workhouse?

Would love to hear what you think…


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