Creating family drama workshops

A group of drama students at the University of East Anglia are working on family drama workshops and a performance linked to our theme ‘Voices of the Workhouse’ to be performed in April. We will be hearing accounts of their process as the weeks go on. Here is their first update:

“I am Ruth, one of the UEA students working on the project and co-production manager of the team. With rehearsals underway and scenes starting to take shape our trip to Gressenhall today was the next step in the pieces development. When we arrived half of our team took to the archives, using the vast collection there to gather more information on the four or five specific people from the workhouse we have chosen to focus on as well as some more background research. Meanwhile, myself and our stage manager, Megan walked round the site looking for good locations for our scenes to take place. Although spoilt for choice we managed to finalising our top choices and so plotted the route for the promenade piece. We then walked it ourselves and took photos . Now having plotted the route and gathered more in depth research its back to rehearsals. It was a very successful and useful day at Gressenhall and hoping the next time we return we can reunite our characters back with their home!



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