Margaret was also inspired by one of the workhouse objects, a prayer book. Thankyou for sharing your work with us!



The Mitford and Launditch Union Workhouse Prayer Book

by Margaret Yeo

  I awoke with a start and remembered today was to be different, The new Chapel in the grounds was to be officially opened this afternoon and I had been chosen to read a lesson, I was both excited and apprehensive at the same time. For the first time since my arrival I could barely stomach my breakfast.

   After lunch, which I again couldn’t eat, Matron called me to her office, Mary; one of the nurses was ordered to take me to the wash house and I was given a thorough scrub from top to toe. Then to my amazement I was given a posh new suit of clothes and pair of black highly polished shoes to wear (to impress the nobs I presume). I‘m sure as soon as its all over they’ll take it back.


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