Creating a stir

‘Creating a Stir’ is a Learning & Engagement project running as part of the wider HLF Voices From the Workhouse redevelopment at Gressenhall. Like ‘Collaborate’, it serves as a good example of how museums can inspire and work with a large variety of groups in different and creative ways.

If you would like to know more about ‘Creating a Stir’ or other Learning & Engagement initiatives, please have a look at the ‘Creating a Stir’ blog  or contact Gressenhall’s Learning & Engagement Officer, Rachel Duffield.

Rachel delivered a Creating a Stir session at Gressenhall as part of the Collaborate Inspiration Day.

Here’s a snapshot of the project in action elsewhere :

This photo shows Rachel with participants enjoying one of the last remaining ‘Creating a Stir’ sessions, on this occasion at the Edith Cavell Day Centre in Swardeston. Soon, Creating A Stir will be replaced by ‘Brick By Brick’, engaging similar audiences, but this time discussing exclusion, rural isolation and how things are not always the same on the inside as they seem on the outside! Oh, and building a wall, obviously…


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