Walking through the promenade performance

Our UEA drama students visited for their dress rehearsal last week. Nell reports back on their progress:

“In the last few weeks it has been exciting to see ourselves tie up loose ends and really zoom in to add the detail to scenes we have loosely crafted for the promenade journey. Visiting the Gressenhall archives was a major turning point, as we found vital information to make the Gressenhall inmates, that we have picked to play, living, breathing characters in their individual uniqueness and comic/poignant quirks. Another point to mention is the balance we have found between rather still/naturalistic scenes and more farcical, busy material, which gives the piece as a whole more texture and diversity. At present we have scripted most of our work, so it is now time to learn the lines and perhaps cut back/refine smaller parts to fit the main body of the piece. We also have a much clearer concept of what our workshops will be like – it is an immersive, Victorian classroom with games such as ‘Scraggs says’ (a take on Simon says) but also real lesson material, talking about agricultural machinery and toys that children would have had, to name a few. With only weeks to go, it’s all guns blazing from here on out!”


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