Gressenhall dress rehearsal

UEA drama student Chad reports back on their dress rehearsal for their family drama workshop and promenade performance.

“After the Easter break apart learning lines and finalising the scripts, we returned with a full day’s work polishing what we had and filling in all of our theatrical gaps! This was followed by a dress rehearsal at Gressenhall the next day- we were going to experience performing the piece in its setting for the first time, which was very exciting! The 2 hour bus journey however was less exciting… I’m glad I slept through it on the way back! From my own experience in the Thespian life so far, rehearsals have often taken place in the theatre where the show will be performed. Therefore, thinking that we would only actually run the pieces in the promenade locations once or twice prior to their performance meant that we wanted to make the most of our time doing the dress run. It was great to be able to walk through the route and performing our scenes in costume really made us feel in role. There were members of the general public about and the occasional shout of “Look Mummy, a nurse!”, which gave us an audience of sorts, helping to make the experience seem even more like the real thing! We are heading back into final rehearsals at the university now, after what was a very valuable experience on site. Shadow puppet construction is our next miniature venture and fortunately Nell has skills with a pair of scissors! We are very excited for the final performance now and its not too far away at all… best get cutting out these puppets!”



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