Diamonds in the Sun

Diamonds in the sun

‘Diamonds in the Sun’ by Graham Rider


Here’s a photograph from one of our collaborators, Graham Rider. Graham is in his second semester of an MA in Fine Arts. He is working on a module called ‘Acts and Discourses which asks students to make work and think about how it might be displayed in a particular setting. He has been visiting Gressenhall to photograph, draw and paint the building, spaces and workhouse objects.

He says ‘Gressenhall is a really interesting setting because it is a Rural life Museum but also a rural workhouse and therefore has lots of history and histories connected with it.  One of the questions I have been asked is “How is what you are doing different from a display”,  my answer was that whereas displays are full of things (presences) what I have become interested in representing (because it is a dialogue and as such site responsive) is absences, those people who were here and who are now only evident by what they left- graffiti, cloth balls to play with etc.  I am also interested in institutions and what they do to us as human beings, even though we have invented them, William Blake springs to mind.’


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