Ghosts of Gressenhall – a new play

James Dimelow, local playwright, has been working with us on a new script called “Ghosts of Gressenhall”. We hope this will be performed in October as part of our Collaborate celebration. He writes:

“As a playwright of more than 20 years, with a keen interest in local history, I was lucky enough to come across this website in the Spring. Having lived in Norwich all my life I have had paid many happy visits to Gressenhall over the years – it was therefore incredibly exciting to discover that I could now finally explore the former Workhouse from a creative perspective.

Following a meeting with Megan, the curator, plus a couple of visits to the museum’s library, it soon became clear that my original idea of writing a series of 10 animated monologues was no longer a viable option. As my research continued – with help from genealogist Helen Bainbridge – I then decided to create a half hour play that will feature a smaller selection of characters interacting in a more traditional manner.

I have recently started work on the first draft of the script – called ‘Ghosts Of Gressenhall’ – with the intention of completing it by the end of the Summer. The play will then be staged this October, within the museum grounds, as part of the ‘Collaborate’ exhibition.

My website can be found at



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