Thoughts on the Inspiration Day

Thankyou to Sarah who joined us on the Inspiration Day for sharing her thoughts on the day.

It was an interesting and thought provoking day.  I enjoyed being challenged by the photo exhibition and it’s extension into Jim Mortrams ‘a Small Town Inertia’ photos and the life accounts he retold. I have reflected on this ever since and am struck by how it speaks of mis communication and lost opportunities.  Empathic people, available solutions and imaginative social enterprise do exist but so often the people who would most benefit fail to benefit.

Looking at the old photos showed on the other hand how crucial being able to do physical work was, these opportunities are so much less available now.

These are themes I have been thinking about :

  • importance of social connection,
  • self respect through skill development e.g. gardening, crafts and agriculture,
  • avoidance of destitution in pre benefits days

Where all this pondering leads in terms of producing work is another matter!

A tithe map of Gressenhall might be interesting to look at comparisons of housing in the past and present – home ownership, occupations of tenants etc.

The collections were easier to identify ways to produce work related to the different categories. I do already have some work inspired by early singer machines and memorabilia from my grand mothers sewing box.

The clothing of those in the photos was perhaps a good source to work on, waistcoats perhaps … they were worn by labourers, for Sunday best, and also by the gentry.

A few thoughts,  nothing very definite but I intend to continue to reflect and hope to come up with something meaningful to work on.

Many thanks to all involved in putting on such and enjoyable day – including providing the excellent lunch.

Sarah Rockliff grandmothers sewing box



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