Poetry in motion

One of our collaborators has shared with us her work in progress inspired by the photographs in the Rural Lives exhibition and Jim Mortram’s presentation to us on the Inspiration Day. Thankyou Heather, we think it’s brilliant and can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

Heather Ryder 2

Acting as if I have no care

when you shout abuse or just

stop and stare. Hardened to

your ignorance, all you can do

is take the piss. Are your eyes

to blind to see the torture

within the shell of me?

Perhaps you don’t like

the shape of my face

or the colour

of the skin

I’m in.

I may lack style

and grace when staggering around

the market place thinking I

am a lady’s man as I hold onto

a half empty

beer can.

How about the angle of

my limbs? My stature? My poise?

Or the way I make

a lot of noise around your

rural town.

Never taking time to see the

person on the inside

of me. I’ve known your

kind and worse

so don’t go thinking

you’re the first.

By Heather RyderHeather Ryder




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